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mostheboutiqueagency-06One of the best ways in which you can judge any sort of service is to learn from the people that have gone for it before and in order for you to find out what you can expect from MOS The Boutique Agency, here are some testimonials from people who have hired the agency to do their advertising. These are all real testimonials which have not been edited in any way and which have been copied in their entirety.

When our company finally got a hefty marketing budget, we were looking for someone who will be able to advertise us in a way that will appeal to our young customer base and we went for one of the most innovative agencies on the market, MOS The Boutique Agency from Texas. We have been more than happy with the work they have done for us and that they continue to do for us. Namely, we saw such a huge rise in our earnings that they have more than justified the relatively high price of their service. What is more, they have been so successful that we have decided to continue our relations and we have been outsourcing all of our marketing to MOS The Boutique Agency for more than three years now.

Jeffrey Smith, CEO, Hortford-Smith Real Estate

From the moment I was put in charge of the Grun-Himmel Soap Company, I knew that the way in which our company should position itself on the market is something new and something revolutionary. I knew that we would have to hire an advertising company that will be capable of this and when a colleague of mine told me about MOS The Boutique Agency, I decided that they sound like just the company. When I went for the initial meeting, I got to meet two of their main people and they told me that they could do just the thing we were looking for. They worked with me and my colleagues to make sure that the campaign is exactly what we were looking for and they did a lot more. They showed us what modern advertising can do and we hired them after the meeting. We definitely made the right choice as we became one of the leading boutique soap companies not only in Germany but in the entire Western Europe.

Johannes Gotlieb

mostheboutiqueagency-05My name is Oh-Dae Su Park and I am the general director of IKP Software, a South Korean company that specializes in learning software. We were a relatively new company back in 2008 and we knew that we needed someone who could position us on the Korean market and who could make our business thrive. We found the perfect partner in MOS The Boutique Agency, an advertising agency that has made all of our dreams come true and that has managed to put us in the top 3 software companies in Korea that work in educational software. If you were to ask me what exactly they did to make it happen, I could not tell you exactly. It was something of an organic approach to marketing, something I have never seen before and something that has managed to make our company what it is today.

Oh-Dae Su Park, CEO IKP Software

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