How MOS The Boutique Agency handles your account

mostheboutiqueagency-08There are innumerable marketing agencies on the market at the moment and it can be quite difficult to make a place for another one in this dog eat dog market which is constantly evolving and advancing. However, MOS The Boutique Agency manages to do exactly that and it is all thanks to the very specific approach to marketing and advertising which is much more innovative and groundbreaking than the approach of any other advertising agency out there. One big part of this is the way in which MOS The Boutique Agency handles the accounts and in which the agency approaches the entire campaign for a single client.

The first thing that is done at all times is a meeting in person. MOS The Boutique Agency does not do business over the phone or over the internet. It is absolutely essential and unavoidable for the meeting to take place in person as the client to agency contact is absolutely essential. The first meeting is not to be taken as something absolutely serious and productive as it is only a meeting of minds and intentions. During this meeting, the client is encouraged to tell the agency as much as they can about their services or products and about the advertising campaign that they had in mind. Then, the agency will come out and say what can be done and what cannot be done.

This initial meeting will be followed by another series of meetings that will more precisely shape the future campaign that is ultimately going to be a joined project of the MOS The Boutique Agency and the client. The client tells the MOS The Boutique Agency what needs to be done and the agency then tells how it can be done and how long it will take to get something done. The common practice is to give the clients the most realistic and achievable times and projections, just to stay on the safe side.

Once the project has been agreed on, which will be preceded by extensive and comprehensive market research and analysis, the MOS The Boutique Agency will start segmenting the work that is to be done and assigning it to various offices and teams. Once again, the client can be around to make sure that everything is going the way they want things to go, although they do not have to if they are not interested.


During the actual realization of plans and the entire process, the client is regularly informed about the progress which is followed and analyzed by the MOS The Boutique Agency and which is meant to show if everything is going the way it is supposed to be going. It goes without saying that the client may hire the MOS The Boutique Agency to keep the campaign going once the initial contract has expired and this is something that the agency recommends to those clients that want the best possible results. It is best to have MOS The Boutique Agency become your permanent partner and one that handles your advertising on continual basis.